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Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at Kalon CrossFit. Our state-of-the-art facility and fully-equipped training room offer a workout experience in a comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere. Kalon CrossFit employs certified and experienced trainers who are always on-hand and ready to help our clients have a top notch training experience every time.

About Us

At Kalon CrossFit, we want to make sure that your workout is the best it can be. Our trainers are right there with you every step of the way -- right down to the last burpee. We cater to all fitness levels with personalized recommendations, modifications, and tips.


Meet our Team

Emily Studer


Emily has been involved in athletics her whole life. From collegiate soccer in Pocatello, Idaho, to earning a level 1 certification from CrossFit and starting her own gym. She brings a level of competition that raises the bar for everybody around her.

Kodi Twiss


Besides being a fitness master, Kodi is a mother of 4 beautiful children. She hails from American Falls, ID and growing up on an alfalfa farm, developed a passion for exercise and whole-body health -- mentally, physically, and spiritually. Now she is living her dream of owning a CrossFit Box. 

She played 2 years of collegiate basketball and went on to coach local high school ball for 5 years, where she further developed her love of training and teaching. 

All types of fitness have interested her, from half marathons to bikini body building competitions, but CrossFit has been the only thing to bring it all together. She loves each and every one of Kalon CrossFit's members and truly enjoys watching them progress. She knows their limits better than they do and constantly helps them reach their goals.

Dustin  Smith


Being active and physically fit has always been part of Dustin's life from a social aspect to a career choice, especially working as a Woodland Firefighter. Finding a way to stay fit and motivated was the challenge. CrossFit was intriguing and Dustin slowly started incorporating functional movements in his exercise regimen at work. He would try benchmark workouts on his own at the office gym and later, Kalon CrossFit Gym was formed which brought CrossFit more readily available. In 2018, Dustin pursued his Level 1 Certification and currently coaches as well as assists with programming. This brings him great joy and satisfaction in helping others achieve their fitness goals and developing new skills. Most of all, the greatest aspect of CrossFit is the community and its' members!

Drew  Peterson


Drew has been a part of CrossFit gyms since 2015. He loves the community and culture that CrossFit brings. He really believes in the programming to transform people's bodies, including helping with mental and emotional stresses. 

Drew runs a hoof trimming company full time. He loves his wife and baby. He enjoys playing in the mountains and on the river. 

Hailie  Wilcox


Hailie was born and raised in Burley, Idaho. She is a mother to 4 wonderful children and has an amazing, supportive husband of 23 years. She always has had a passion for exercising and although she is not the best swimmer, she figured out how to do 3 triathlons without drowning! She has also worn out numerous pairs of running shoes pounding the pavement around her house. When she is not exercising, she is probably running kids to dance or using her skills as a nail tech, a career which she has enjoyed for the last 24 years. Her favorite indulgence is a DQ blizzard -- She believes that all things can be enjoyed in moderation!

She was introduced to CrossFit almost 4 years ago and it was not love at first sight. She had bought in to the misconception that CrossFit makes you big and bulky and was a little leery of getting hurt. However, after about 2 months, she was hooked! She found the physical and mental challenges of CrossFit training were addicting; understanding that she could do hard things and still survive gave her a sense of satisfaction. Hailie also saw physical changes that she had never before seen despite being an exercise junkie. Perhaps most importantly, she found a community of encouraging and uplifting people. She loves seeing the growth and progress of others and is so grateful for the challenge of coaching. 

Eric  Killoy


Growing up in Rupert, Eric was and continues to be involved in sports. In High School he played baseball, football, and basketball. After graduating high school in 2004, Eric attended The University of Idaho to pursue a degree in Wildlife Resources. Passionate about the outdoors, Eric worked as a Wildland Firefighter during his summers off from college. This led to Eric’s understanding of the importance of physical fitness in everyday life. In 2017, with a gentle push by his wife, Eric started CrossFit and found the combination of disciplines to be fun and challenging. Eric wanted to give back to the Kalon community which was so beneficial to him and started coaching in 2018. He has competed in various races, including the Spudman Triathlon and began to test his Crossfit abilities starting with the 2019 Iron Games.  Eric’s mission is to promote the idea that Crossfit is for everyone and that every person’s journey is specific to their personal goals and ambitions. When not in the gym Eric can be found spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

Join a Fitness Class


5:30 AM
Monday - Friday

Early Risers

Get your move on before most people's feet hit the floor. Our most popular class gets your workout out of the way in time for your busy day.

8:30 AM
Monday - Friday

Morning Boost

Not a morning person, but too busy in the evening? We've got you covered with our 8:30 class. Same muscle-shredding, heart-pumping workout...just with more sunshine.

6:00 PM
Monday - Thursday

Night Owls

Finish off your day with a spectacular workout. Perfect for an early work schedule that keeps you out of the gym in the mornings.

7:30 AM

Weekend Warriors

Lazy weekends are for chumps. Before you get to your errands, honey-do lists, and DIY projects, come get your fit on.


Let Us Be Your Guide

Our classes are all led by certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainers
to ensure an effective workout. CrossFit provides an all-around
experience that will improve many aspects of your fitness level.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session


Strength isn't the only factor in CrossFit.
Cleans, overhead squats, burpees --- you name it and it requires flexibility to accomplish



Pure, raw, and dynamic strength. Bench presses and curls are only a small part of the equation



If your heart isn't pumping at the gym, you've got work to do. Lifting heavy is cool and all, but can you do it in between sets of burpees?




Unlimited: $90/Month


10 Class Pass: $90

Couple Pass

Unlimited: $150/Month/Couple
2 X 10 Class Passes: $150

Student Pass

10 Class Pass: $50

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CrossFit provides the social and

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